March 03, 2003

Dog Rollercoaster

The dog carnival is going to have a ride for dogs. And you know what? It's going to have a slide and it's going to be a sledding slide and there are going to be sacks and you and your dog have to get in them. And I am in charge of the rides. I turn them on and off. I'm planning it.

I have to keep Lucas the dog from breaking the sacks. Your slide will have to be on a skateboard on a rollercoaster track on a kite string. If it has a handle, you move it around and the skateboard will go fast. The sack could be in the rollercoaster car.

When I turn the rollercoaster, then the sacks go really fast and they go in swirls and go up and down. And it's going to be a mountain slide and I'll have to put the slide over the rollercoaster tracks. At the other end of the slide, there's going to be the hardest part: you have to get the rollercoaster part goiing straigt and up and down and in swirls.

You have to turn the rollercoaster on and off. When I push the green button, it goes. And when I push the red button, it stops.

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