April 05, 2003

Stretchy Aliens' Underwater Worlds

This one looks like he has fangs and a moustache and red glowing eyes, and he looks like a trashcan with eyes.

And when you stretch the purple one he looks like he's a jumprope with arms sticking out.

And the blue one looks like he's from Starflyers and he is an alien from the watery planet Aqua Cue.

And this one is similar to the purple one, and the orange one and the blue one look simliar too. But the green one doesn't look similar to any of them.

The yellow one can stretch. but don't stretch him too far or he'll break. And don't break his horns.

They live on all different planets. The green one lives on Trashblockyworld. And the Blue one lives on Aqua Cue, and the purple and the yellow ones live live on Spikerobot. The orange one lives on Upswydown.

The blue one's pet looks almost like him, but it's a rainbow pet with black, brown and white stripes and it's a zebrabot fish. The orange alien's pet looks exactly like his head. But it has two heads and one eye on each head. And it has hands for feet and it only has feet in the middle of it and it has to balance. And it's an an upsidedown gua.

And the green one's pet hops like this. It hops up and down while spinning holding its arms out and it rolls downhill to hop.

The purple one's pet has three feet stuck together and is orange, purple, green and blue. It's feet are all stuck together and it only has striped eyes. It striped eyes only glow in dark water. It's a darkwa fishbot.

The puerple one's house mostly makes noise: it goes iii-uh-boom iii-uh-boom iii-uh-boom iii-uh-boom iii-uh-boom. It has spikes like roots under it.

The orange one's house also has a bump like this on its head. It can stretch it's roof up and it can stretch its roof down and it does that because there's lots of stretchy snails on the ceiling. Its house is painted in a rainbow: it's orange, blue, green, yellow, and purple.

They sometimes have adventures, only on Sunday night, Tuesday morning, or Thursday afternoon. They go to the watery planet Aqua Cue and Trashblckyworld. Everybody there has to work except for the visitors. The aliens find holes that are actually underground slides that go back to the planet Aqua Cue. And there's this planet call Baysprin where they have adventures on Friday afternoons.

They have a fun life.

Posted by Kathryn Cramer at April 5, 2003 07:53 AM | TrackBack

i dont really get it how come when a pengin wants to fly it cant get off the ground

Posted by: vince at July 19, 2003 07:21 PM

The penguins evolved. They used to able to fly but their wings changed and then their wings got the penguin able to swim instead of fly.

Posted by: Peter Hartwell at July 20, 2003 05:45 PM
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