May 01, 2003

Night Creatures

The bats have wings. The bats can fly and the bats can see when it's getting dark. The bats flied around near our porch. I watched them.

I like night creatures. Night creatures are good. The aye-aye is a very, very dangerous lemur. And baby aye-ayes are very cute. And I like night creatures very much and especially aye-ayes, because they're my favorite night animals. And I like bats, too.

And don't forget any other creatures like vipers -- they're night snakes. They come out at night. Also, frogs are nocturnal and they live in swamps and they come out at night. But I sleep in the nighttime and they're awake in the nighttime.

And also I like night creatures and there are aligators wihich are nocurnal and they have lighted-up eyes and you can only see their eyes but not them!

I like to dream about aye-ayes and also of course other lemurs like some of the aye-aye's relatives like ring-tailed lemurs and mouse lemurs. Do mouse lemurs come out at night? I like also morning creatures.

Cats are night creatures. I like cats. When I go to bed, my cat Belinda snuggles up to me.

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