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Year's Best SF 10

006057561101_pe10_scmzzzzzzz_It's that time of year again! Here is the table of contents to Year's Best SF 10, edited by David G. Hartwell & Kathryn Cramer. It is available for pre-order from Amazon.

Bradley Denton “Sergeant Chip” (F&SF September)

Gregory Benford “The First Commandment” (SciFiction)

Glenn Grant “Burning Day” (Island Dreams: Montreal Writers of the Fantastic)

Terry Bisson “Scout’s Honor” (SciFiction)

Pamela Sargent “Venus Flowers at Night” (Microcosms)

Gene Wolfe “Pulp Cover” (Asimov’s March)

Ken Liu “The Algorithms for Love” (Strange Horizons)

Ray Vukcevich “Glinky” (F&SF June)

Janeen Webb “Red City” (Synergy SF: New Science Fiction)

Jack McDevitt “Act of God” (Microcosms)

Robert Reed “Wealth” (Asimov’s April/May)

Matthew Hughes “Mastermindless” (F&SF March)

Jean-Claude Dunyach “Time, As It Evaporates” (The Night Orchid)

James Stoddard “The Battle of York” (F&SF July)

Liz Williams “Loosestrife” (Interzone #193 Spring)

James Patrick Kelly “The Dark Side of Town” (Asimov’s April/May)

Steven Utley “Invisible Kingdoms” (F&SF February)

Sean McMullen “The Cascade” (Agog! Terrific Tales)

Charles Coleman Finlay “Pervert” (F&SF March)

Steve Tomasula “The Risk-Taking Gene as Expressed by Some Asian Subjects” (Denver Quarterly Fall 2004)

Neal Asher “Strood” (Asimov’s December)

James Cambias “The Eckener Alternative” (All-Star Zeppelin Adventure Stories)

Brenda Cooper “Savant Songs” (Analog December)